Welcome to CUPE Local 7

CUPE Local 7 is the City of Regina Inside Workers and we have approximately 220 active members all year long! We represent administrative staff, customer service representatives, bylaw enforcement officers, building inspectors, CAD technicians, accounting personnel, and so many more. Our members work in various places such as City Hall, Fire Department, Parks/Facilities Department, Cemeteries and various Roadways Departments.

Next GMM Meeting

Our next GMM Meeting will be in September 2024. If you are interested in attending, please email president.cupelocal7@gmail.com.

Bargaining Updates

We have signed a new Collective Agreement, effective December 5, 2023. A copy of our collective agreement is available here:  https://7.cupe.ca/wp-content/blogs.dir/444/2022/12/2022-2024-Local-7-CBA.pdf

Your 2024 CUPE Local 7 Executive 

President – David Kelly

Vice-President – Yves Vincent

Treasurer – Pat Parada

Recording Secretary – Colleen Pipp

Shop Steward – Lexie Hartman

Executive at Large – Vacant

Executive at Large – Anita Sanith

Join our e-mailing list!

Not on our emailing list yet? Please email or call any CUPE Local 7 representative with your personal e-mail address (not work) and we will add you to our email distribution list!


Check out our bylaws.


The Regina Civic Pension Plan has been approved by Council and the changes will go into effect starting January 1, 2016. Please follow this link to view the plan changes and documents. Plan Changes Documents and Presentation.

The information session have now been completed, if you did not get a chance to attend, or if you are looking for specific information please visit the Regina Pensions & Disability website.